In the Light of Day

Reader’s Question


Recently this writer was asked from a reader who had just read my new endeavor, “In the Light of Day”.  Who is Bubba?


An Interestingly question.    Just who is my lead character Bubba? So, after some serious thought, here it is.

Bubba represents the Common Man, the the mail delivery person, the retail clerk, the factory worker, the law enforcement officers, first responders, nurses, teachers, all who are living from pay check to pay check. We see and deal with them daily and for the most part they are recognized as an important segment of our Society.   Bubba strives to see the good that is inherent in all well-meaning peoples.  He is very much on his own and how he succeeds depends a lot on who represents us.  He is ever hopeful and tries his best to make the best possible choices during his life’s journey.   There are however some destructive forces at work that need tending to and Bubba sees this and wants to do something about it.  Too many are in harm’s way. We need to change some miss conceptions and better protect the public at large.   His message is loud and clear that wants to sound the alarm for a safer place for our children to grow up in.  

Having hope for a better future is so important and most not be put asunder.   So, help us God.

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