The Visitation



What I want to share here is a true occurrence that happen to this writer just yesterday 2/23/18.   The need to share this event will be quite evident.  Also, in sharing what happen should be of in recognizing that there are forces that defy explanation. I hope my account brings some light to understanding of what maybe going on when this occurs.

 First a little background on sleep. There are five stages to the sleep cycle which each round last for primarily 90 minutes I. Usually the rem stage (rapid eye-movement) is in play when one is awakening.

After attending to the first Spring Training Game with the Yankees and Detroit, I rushed home to walk my faithful Beagle, Hoppy and then hit sofa and turned on the T.V.

The following happen after watching T. V. during that late afternoon I fell asleep for about 20 minutes.  Upon waking I saw two young ladies standing directly in front of me One was dressed in a bright red dress and one had a yellow dress. I was startled, and the images quickly faded away lasting for maybe 3 seconds.

So, I went to my trusted I phone and googled Upon waking seeing a presence.

Wow this phenomenon is not uncommon and one explanation is that the brain is projecting these images as response to a sort of sleep paralysis.

Researchers say that sleep paralysis happens when a person awakens during a stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement, People in this stage of sleep are usually dreaming but their muscles are nearly paralyzed which might be an evolutionary adaptation he keeps people from acting out their dreams.

Well in my case I was not dreaming during this nap. I was mystified by the appearance of these two young ladies.  Could there have been another force at work here?  Maybe just maybe there was a connection with someone else’s brain activity that is not of this world.  Could this be a communication with the after world?  No message was given but a very strong sense that someone was looking directly at me with interest, wanting to say something but unable to speak any words;

Thinking that this phenomenon could be an interesting to be explored in a short story or novel of sorts. Taking one on a journey that would facilitate some interesting communication and search of finding answers.

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