In The Light Of Day’s Mission

News Flash”   My new endeavor is now on the table ready for serving.   Just go to and enter the title , “In the Light of Day”  by  Paulie The Ballie Hioping for some kind souls to give it a glance. 

                                  The Mission for In The Light of Day.


Keeping the Darkness away is the theme of my new endeavor.  Hoping for a new crusade for dealing with the constant diet of Destructiveness that engulfs our Social Media and entertainment fields.  The focus must be the sanity of life.  Showing the constant efforts to save lives and treat the innocent victims of gun violence that  are so prevalent today.   A massive turnaround from this malaise of violence should be our Societies primary goal.   We need to stress and show the countless humanitarian deeds done each day on this swirling planet.  One thing is for sure we are basically a caring and loving Nation that seems to have temporally lost its way.   Maybe just maybe if all well meaning people’s look at our problems in the light of day we will take the necessary steps to lessen these wanton acts of gun violence.  We need to elect Pol’s who understand the need to take Weapons of War off our streets forthwith and properly check out those who purchase guns.  So I guess these solutions are up to you , American Voter this coming 2018 election.  Vote, Vote ,Vote to show that HOPE FOR THE SANITY OF LIFE is here to stay. Amen to that Bubba.     

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