A voice of reason come’s from Parkland School Let it resonate with such a force sweeping a renaissance away from Gun violence and hate.

Howdy Folks,   As we deal with the terrible events of late in Florida .   I would like to share the final  excerpt from soon to be published new endeavor, In The Light of Day”

               After Thought

In Closing, I like to give Dr. Fromm final thoughts once again on his important work just in case one may have missed it. I quote, “The position taken in this book is one of rational faith in man’s capacity to extricate himself from what seems the fatal web of circumstances that he has created. It is the position of those who are neither, “optimists” nor “pessimists,” but radicals who have rational faith in man’s capacity to avoid the ultimate catastrophe. The humanist radicalism goes to the roots, and thus to the causes; it seeks to liberate man from the chains of illusions; it postulates that fundamental changes are necessary, not only in our economic and political structure but also in our values, in our concepts of man’s aims, and in our personal conduct. The situation of mankind today is too serious to permit us to listen to the demagogues-least of all demagogues who are attracted to destruction -or even to the radical thought will bear fruit when it is blended with the precious quality man is endowed with-THE LOVE OF LIFE.”


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