Aftermath Lament

              AFTERMATH LAMENT


As more shooting of innocents comes our way

Will something finally be done this day?

As this Congress refuses to have a say.

What to do with this dismay?

All need to vote this coming election day

And remove these Lackey’s of the N.R.A.

Take them to task for failure to act

Send them packing in disgrace that hardened pack

For dereliction of duty of the oath they were sworn to say

So, lets get to the polls this election day

And cast that vote to let the word go forth

We want a change to take these weapons of war off our streets

At last saving lives and setting a better example for the World

That we are at last a Nation of preserving Life

And that all have a right

To pursue their lives without fear

Of a random act of violence and hate

For thee I pray we all look at this In The Light of Day

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